Bi-Polar Ionization

About our Approach

It has been my passion to help others. We bring so many of our health problems on ourselves out of ignorance of products that we assume are safe and have been tested for safety.

One only has to research Air fresheners to learn that only 10% of the chemicals used in them have been tested for safety! The fragrance Industry is self-regulating. Eyes, ears, nose and throat irritation, upper respiratory infections, neurological damage, liver damage in animal studies, and even cancer have been linked to the chemicals in air fresheners. They are not required to list these toxic chemicals on their labels. Just use the word, fragrance.

I have started IAQ SOLUTIONS LLC to educate the public and also to offer top of the line alternatives. The closer you look, the better we look. My site will cover, the most advanced, non-filter Air Sanifiers, A laundry product that cleans without the use of detergent, and a healthy alternative for unhealthy Energy drinks. This product cost less, last longer and is healthy for you,

Unlike any other system on the market, Life’s Miracle uses the most advanced technology in the world to sanitize your home or office. That’s airborne and surface.


First is the absence of a filter. The best filter on the market is the H.E.P.A. Filter. A known fact is that only 10% of the particulate in your air will ever make it down to the filter. That leaves 90% to stay airborne till it settles out of the air. It is also known that at least two bacteria can attach to each particulate.

The smallest particulate that a H.E.P.A. filter will remove is 0.3 microns. Unfortunately, much of the particulate is much smaller than that and will be inhaled deep down into your lungs. Life’s Miracle system, on the other hand, will remove particulate down to .001 microns. You would need to use an electron Microscope to see what it can remove. Also, the particulate does not have to make it down to a filter. It will, by the use of our AHPCO Cell technology, drop out of the air and fall to the ground where you can vacuum or sweep it up.

Also unlike a Filter, it will deactivate Mold, Mildew, Bacteria, Viruses, Break down chemical gasses and Biology Contaminates. It was also tested and proven to deactivate M.R.S.A., T.B., Sars, Fungi, Yeast, Aeroallergens, odors & VOC’s. C.Diff, VRE, Polio, H5N1, H1N1, & Legionella just to name a few. If you had a choice, which would you want in your home or office?

I forgot to mention that these units are virtually maintenance free. It’s self-sterilizing!

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Our premiere product line representing the latest research and technology to purify and sanitize safely

Ion Oasis 2500 LX

ION OASIS - Sanifer


Ionc Fuel


Ionic Nitro Fuel is the revolutionary way to get the energy you want along with the nutrition you need.


Laundry Pure 2.0

Incorporates our ActivePure Technology with the cleaning action of oxydizers

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