IAQ Solutions


We have helped many customers to solve many environmental and health issues through our innovative technology. Here are a few of our recent correspondence explaining the impact our technology has had on their facilities and the health of their staff and visitors.

Residence Inn

We have been using Joe Margolis air purification system in our hotel for the last six months. We are an extended stay hotel with full kitchens and often run into issues with odors left in our guest rooms due to cooking. Additionally, we are a pet-friendly hotel and have run into odor issues in regard to pets in the past. We have been trying just about every trick in the book-coffee grounds on the carpet and vacuum them up, boil white vinegar or Faluloso, even using other air purification systems. We were never able to have our rooms ready to be occupied within two days. Once we tried the air purification system Joe provided we were thrilled with the results! Our rooms are now ready within 24 hours, usually the same day. We would recommend Joe’s system to anyone dealing with odors. The rooms smell fresh and clean and they are ready for our next guests with no issues. Wonderful system!

Dan Patino, General Manager, Residence Inn by Marriott, West Palm Beach, Florida

Sea Ranch Club

To whom it may concern:

We have purchased a number of IAQ Solutions Air purifiers for different applications and can honestly say that we have never found a system that can begin to compare with the effectiveness of mold and odor control.

I like the fact that these systems are made in the U.S., have a great warranty, and are self sterilizing. No filters! Almost zero maintenance. Mr. Margolis is a professional who shows actual concern and is great when it comes to the service after the sale.

If you are looking for a great product that does the job, that is made in the U.S. and gives great service, I highly recommend the Air oasis Air Purifier sold through IAQ Solutions LLC.

Director of Engineering and Construction,

Thoman Abisso CCM

Homewood Suites

To Whom It May Concern:

I had the pleasure of testing out the Air Oasis unit and couldn’t be have been more pleased with the result. We had a pet odor from a room that kept two dogs for approximately eight months. We couldn’t sell the room for over a week due to the smell until we used the Air Oasis. Two days after use, we were able to sell the room again. The loss of revenue for the room was more than the unit sells for. We are currently waiting for the delivery of the machine.

Please feel free to contact me if there any questions.

Joe Dunnan General Manager

La Quinta by Windam

The modern and effective odor eliminating equipment provided by IAQ solution leaves nothing to be desired. I am very pleased with the equipment purchased and continue active use with IAQ Solutions. Initially, I was somewhat pessimistic with first learning of this “miracle” equipment. They, however, were so confident in their product that after having a focused conversation, they offered me a trial period of the equipment granting me the chance to attack my current trouble areas and “see for myself” as they said. After having run through practically every practice in the book including new O-Zone machines, cleaning agents even new carpet; I was willing to give them a shot. With that, I accepted their trial period & treated the room in question for 48 hours. Thereafter, I was convinced that the equipment gets the job done exactly as described.

I plan to continue using the equipment daily both ina preventative fashion as well as the unfavorable responsive - either way, their equipment does what it’s supposed to do and my expectations have been truly & substantially exceeded. I strongly recommend taking advantage of the opportunity IAQ Solutions presents for your facility and your guests.


Daniel E. Lewandewski, CHA
General Manager

Springhill Suites

To Whom It May Concern,

This is a letter of testimony for Air Oasis. We at Springhill suites found this to be a tremendous help for rooms with horrific odor.

We have placed that machine in a number of our suites and found out that it works wonders. It eliminates the bad odor and purifies the air which leaves the room in top shape and easier to breath when walking in. For example, it eliminates cigarette smell and curry smell which tends to linger at times.

We are tremendously appreciative of the product.

Thank you