Highly Impressed

After discovering I had a mold problem in my apartment, I knew I needed to proceed carefully in diagnosing the source and making a plan to solve it.  In the meantime, I wanted a unit that was guaranteed effective on mold, to at least improve the air until I could take more steps.  I was highly impressed by the Ion Oasis 2500 GX as a solution to so many indoor air issues: viruses, allergens, mold, bacteria, smoke, and VOCs.  How amazing that you get all this in such a small, quiet, attractive unit!  The easy maintenance (almost none!) and the three-year warranty was like icing on the cake.  In the first week, I have already noticed an improvement in the environment and diminishing of odors.  Everyone in the house seems a little happier and livelier, including my cats!  I'm looking forward to ongoing benefits as we keep breathing clean indoor air.

Happy with the results,

Dianne Sheats

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